Event logging and vehicle security for professionals


There is no car that can't be stolen, therefore it's essential to get notified about your car is in danger at the exact moment it happens.

Where and when?

Anytime, anywhere! You can use our service to track your vehicles at any given moment. All you'll need is an internet connection.


Get instant notifications about the state of events of your vehicles, so you can act at the exact minute the event happens!

Transparent UI

Our software was built to be easily used and with the clients in mind. Every function you could ever need is just 2-3 clicks away.

User interface

Main features

Real-time connection with the vehicles

Follow your vehicles at all times and get notified about every event of your vehicle!

Position and status

You can track your vehicles current state and position in an ergonomical, easy-to-use web interface.

Event logging

Events regarding your vehicles, like traveling, fueling or alerts are all stored in an event log so you can track them back easily.

Alerts and theft-protection

You will get instant alerts about illogical movemnts of your vehicle so you can act straigthaway when your car is moved, toed or leaves it's designated area.

Driver identification

Follow the usage of your vehicle with our optional Driver Identification System, so you can always know who is using your vehicle.

Route categorization

Organize your routes into categories (like business or personal travels) either at the moment of saving or later on.

Saving and displaying telemetry data

You can view your car's telemetry data (like speed, altitude, battery state etc.) in a chart view or on a map.

Vehicle grouping

Create groups of vehicles in your virtaul garages based on their usage, premise or any other way, making them much easier to look through.

Alerts of zone-leaving

Get notified when your vehicle leaves the zones you have created.

Security backups

We create regular security backups therefore your data will always be safe.

Reports and statements

Create and download statements and reports easily about the data collected from your vehicles for accounting, statistics with the help of our built-in Statement generator.

Photo uploading

You can upload photos of accidents, abuses or other events with your phone. They will be stored in the Log.

Fueling registration

Track your fueling with your mobile phone, where you can record the price, the date and several other data regarding your fueling.

24/7 availability

​​The webservice can be reached at any time of the day so you can review your state and previous routes of your vehicles.

Are you interested?

Compatible devices

ONGUARD can be used with four devices: with the ONGUARD Tracker Android application, the IRIS.T100, IRIS.T110 and with the IRIS.base on-board units. (In the following cards you can see the available features. Click on the blue ribbon to see which device is capable of the given feature.)

Mobile application
Easy installation
Personal/business switch
Device dependent
Theft protection
Saved data
Device dependent
2 hours
21 hours
70 hours
Roaming ability
SIM card dependent
Movement sensor
Tipping sensor
Battery lifetime
Device dependent
6 hours
External GPS antena
External GSM antena

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